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    Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

    Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

    A true landmark situated in the heart of one of the world’s most magnificent wilderness regions. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Twyfelfontein in Damaraland is home to one of the largest collections of rock-art engravings found in Southern Africa. Not only did the Khoi-San and tribes of ancient years leave us with a true cultural heritage, but the whole area is characterised by natural wonders such as Doros Crater, Burnt Mountain, Organ Pipes, Petrified Forest and desert adapted animals – of which the desert adapted elephant is probably the most well-known species.

    Nestled along the mountainside, the lodge beautifully blends in with its surrounding environment. Using natural stone, carefully selected paint colours and thatched roofs, its design compliments the sandstone rock formations with minimum visual impact on this picturesque landscape. Magnificent views from the deck over the Huab Valley, desert plains and distant mountains provides for hours of relaxed comfort, peace and tranquility.

    Twyfelfontein is much more than just accommodation; it is a destination in itself.

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    • Location : Namibia

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