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Kupferquelle Resort

Kupferquelle Resort

The name Kupferquelle (German) comes a long way from the time when Namibia, or then “German South West Africa” has been under German rule. The name means “Copper Fountain” and refers to the rich copper deposits of the Namibian mine town Tsumeb. Even the Hai||kom Bushmen, who traditionally live in the area, were aware of the rich deposits of copper ore and gave the area the name “tsomsoub”, which means “to dig a hole into the ground” (Source: Wikipedia).

Kupferquelle Resort, Namibia’s unique family resort belongs to the Henning family and was developed into a touristic Namibian highlight. With great emphasise on details and passion for the possibilities the Namibian tourism has to offer the Henning family created a luxurious experience resort and at the same time invested into the future of Tsumeb.

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